Özer Toraman

Anatomy of Passion

September 15 - October 25, 2018

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Pg Art Gallery is proud to present Özer Toraman’s exhibition ‘Anatomy of Passion’, the artist’s third solo show and his first presentation at the gallery, from September 15th through October 12th, 2018. Toraman, known for his portraiture of non-conventional gender, invites a new kind of singularity, interrogating the traditional male/female duality. His paintings liberate the emotions, thoughts and desires of the audience, inviting them to adopt a different perspective.

The artist prefers light pastel colors, in particular blue and pale pink, as they symbolize innocence, and thus, the artist puts into consideration the boundaries of the binary categorization between genders and re-examines these concepts in order to bring to life hybrid figures, bi-gendered. While some of these portraits draw attention to their androgynous qualities, others are referring to a different imagery beyond consciousness, as blurred images.

In his exhibition, titled 'Anatomy of Passion’, Toraman aims to highlight the importance of the feeling of passion in our lives. In the eyes of the artist, passion is an important power that strengthens our personalities, makes us mature and celebrates these personalities, within certain boundaries and dimensions. The emotion of passion is reflected in our thought, behavior and action. It has both, positive and negative effects. Just like love and hate.

In his book Les Passions de L’âme, Descartes systematically examines the place, role and importance of passions in human life, and describes what passion is and explains his own. According to Descartes, passion is a strong and constant feeling which is directed towards certain objects, people or thoughts. There is a strong connection with over-emotion and enthusiasm. On the other hand, Hegel accepted passion as the main source of all behaviors.

Özer Toraman transforms his passion into art through portraits and bodies that are dismembered and then reunited through his own perspective, emphasizing their dual existence. He brings out a distinct point of view by means of sensory form. In doing so, he pushes the boundaries of our imagination. In the words of the artist, a human being is a spiritual being, living in its own dream world.


Özer Toraman (b. 1989, Van) earn a BFA degree in Painting from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts in İstanbul, where he continues pursuing his MFA degree in the same department. Since 2011, the artist had two solo shows and additionally has participated in numerous group exhibitions. Toraman lives and works between Berlin and Istanbul.